Black Friday Event 2014

Airport Mall Craft Fairs

Welcome  To  Airport  Mall  Craft  Fairs
A Division of CRAFTAH, LLC

Union Street, Bangor, Maine

One of Maine's premiere locations for Craft Fairs on busy and ever
expanding Union Street, across from Bangor International Airport.

Airport Mall Craft Fairs promoter, CRAFTAH, LLC, creates at least 11 events per year
for which Artists and Crafters can display and sell their wares for the shopping public.

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Airport Mall Craft Fair View     Airport Mall Craft Fairs
       Dates For 2014

          February 1, 2014

          March 1, 2014

          April 5, 2014

          May 10, 2014     (Mother's Day)

         June 7, 2014

Airport Mall Craft Fair View        August 30, 2014     (Labor Day)

         October 4, 2014

November 1, 2014

         November 28 and/or 29, 2014
            (Black Friday Weekend Event)

         December 12 and/or 13, 2014

         December 19 and/or 20, 2014
            (Last Shopping Fair Before Xmas)
                                                                                                                              Please Remember Space Fees On Application
                                                                                                                              (Located Below) Are A Per Space, Per Day Rate.
                                                                                                                              [One Space For Two Days = $50.00]

                                                                                                                                    Please Read Application Carefully...
                                                                                                                                    Please Contact With Any Questions


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Christmas Craft Fairs 2014

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Due to an immediate & dramatic increase in our table rental costs
- an increase is being required for vendor table rental fees.

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Christmas Craft Fairs 2014

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

Airport Mall Craft Fair View

For More Information...Contact:

Dale / Craftah, LLC
Airport Mall Craft Fairs Coordinator

PO Box 11
Pittsfield  ME  04967-0011

(Cell Phone) (Call or Text)

Airport Mall Craft Fairs  Rules and Regulations

1) Artists/Crafters vs. Value Added Resellers
There's a difference between Artist/Crafter Value Added Reseller (VAR) at Airport Mall Craft Fairs. If you purchase the main components only change them in some way, you're a Value Added Reseller (VAR) not specifically an Artist/Crafter. For Airport Mall Craft Fairs, you will need to create, construct and/or make by hand the majority of the product you're selling (even if using manufactured pieces) to be considered an Artist/Crafter. When you complete this application please know the difference. What is definitely not allowed is resale of manufactured and/or "Made in China" items, please don't bring them to our Fairs.

        Do you have an issue with VARs?    (  Yes   /   No  )

2) Perfumes/Aromas
Please be aware that some people have allergies to certain aromas/scents.  Please let us know on the application form if your display/product will have a scent that will be noticeable to your fellow vendors.

        Do you have an issue with being next to products that have an aroma or scent to them?       (  Yes   /   No  )

3) Live Floral
Live Floral is now allowed as a product for sale by any vendor with conditions.  Any vendor bringing in live floral products must not only maintain a clean area, they must also clean their area before they leave and make sure that the transport by customers of live floral products is safe and does not create debris on any surfaces inside or outside the Airport Mall.

4) Vehicle Make/Model, License Plate Numbers & Parking
We ask for your make, model and license plate number of your vehicle on the application form so that we can find you in case of emergency.  You may need to move your vehicle... You may have left your lights on... You may be illegally parked...

Please unload at the side doors by the Griffin Road entrance - near the Smoke Shop, BMV, the Pet Shop.  IF other doors are unlocked and closer to your space you may unload there, please DO NOT drive onto the sidewalks, but you can enter the yellow lined zone for a quick unload and moving of your vehicle.  Vendor Parking will begin TEN SPACES AWAY from Mall Entrances.  There will be NO all day parking in the Public Handicap Spaces.  The first 10 spaces will be reserved for customers.  Please allow them access to those spaces so they may easily come in and purchase your products.

5) Electricity
When & where available, Electricity is free on a 1st come/1st served basis. You will be placed as close to an electrical outlet as possible, should one exist in your area. However, it would be wise to bring a long, heavy duty, extension cord as you may have a reach of up to 50' to an outlet.  Due to OSHA rules, you aren't allowed to string up/tape down a cord in public walkways.

6) Space Sizes & Fire Code Requirements for All Public Walking Paths
Spaces are 60 square feet.  Center of the Mall spaces are 10' wide by 6' deep.  Wall Spaces are typically 15' wide by only 4' deep. All walkways are 6' wide. Be aware of this as you create your display, please maintain borders and work with neighbors.

7) Times: Set Up, Show & Breakdown
Set up is 7 AM to 9 AM.  Airport Mall Craft Fairs are open to the public 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday Only Fairs. Two day events are: 1st Day: 9 AM to 8 PM (we close whenever the Mall does), 2nd Day: 9 AM to 4 PM.  Any vendor who breaks down early without permission - the promoter reserves the right to reject any/all future applications or not observe/reserve any specific space for these vendors at future events. One Day Vendors at Two Day Fairs will be placed in spaces where their absence on the One Day won't be visibly noticed by the public.  Two Day vendors do not need to break down after Day One.

8) Vendor Responsibility
Vendors are responsible for their space, product and display.  All tables are to be rubber/plastic bottomed legs and be covered on all public facing sides to the floor.  Tables may be rented, but chairs are the vendor's responsibility to bring.   All vendors are to clean their area of all product, displays and debris before leaving the Mall.  Child Care: If you bring children with you, please make sure you keep them in sight at all times and that they are always accompanied when not in your space.  Please do not allow them to wander the Mall or to disrupt other vendors by noise or playing in front of other vendor's spaces.  Thanks!!

9) Voluntary Advertising Donations
Having been told before taking over AMCFairs - there needs to be much, more event advertising.  Some vendors have said they are willing to donate money to that cause.  Those that wish to, can, on this line item.  All this money will go directly to Ads!

Revised: 10/20/14

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